Expertise gained from experience

Make sure your product is one step ahead of the others

A hundred thousand measuring spoons have to be incorporated into a hundred thousand pharmaceutical packs, and a million promotional kits for dentists need to be packed and dispatched? Do you want to include with your product a special add-on for the public holidays? Does your product, which is produced for the global market, need to be customised for specific markets and target groups? Or does that attractive glass need to be “securely” attached to the wine bottle ready for selling? We deliver that perfect combination of several products that will achieve a particular impact, and make your marketing ideas a reality. And if an idea has yet to be developed, we will be happy to advise you.

Popack Logistik - Quality comes first.
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We package products in blisters or skin packaging, and we provide flow packs and supply the folding boxes, the display, the outer packaging and the appropriate accessories. And, of course, we set the product on the road to success.

Our customisation service can also satisfy more specific requirements, whether temperature-controlled goods, hazardous materials, foodstuffs or pharmaceutical products. We perform product customisation in a frozen or a dry environment, and we can perform product customisation for hazardous materials and for unpacked foodstuffs in cool storage. And in a highly regulated environment, we customise pharmaceutical products in a facility officially authorised for this activity.