Expertise gained from experience

All the stepping stones you need

Our customers are seeking a comprehensive service, and so we have been continuously broadening our sphere of activity ever since Popack Logistik GmbH was founded. We store and distribute, manufacture, pick orders, package and customise products as required. And as service providers, we purchase complementary products and accessories from all around the world. This allows us to make a real contribution to your value-added chain.

We take care of the personalising of direct marketing products, and in so doing exceed the logistical expectations of our customers. The displays that our customers require in supermarkets are built and fitted by our employees in the customisation section using suitable products.
We provide you with a service that does not come to an end right before the end of the flow of goods, but is instead a comprehensive service solution.
We issue you with certificates of conformity that are required for all products that are imported into Saudi-Arabia (SASO).