New buildings now in operation

Popack Logistik GmbH Mainz, Luftbild

After a 14-month construction period, the new buildings at Popack Logistik GmbH were completed at the end of September 2015, and are now in productive use. The new logistics centre of approximately 3,500 square metres has a drive-in rack system, and capacity for 9,000 additional pallet spaces. Popack now has a total of more than 20,000 pallet spaces.

“During the construction work, we also completed some alterations on the existing facilities”, said Andreas Popall, General Manager of Popack Logistik GmbH: “We refurbished some of the plumbing, and all the Venetian blinds along the window frontage of more than 100 metres.” The characteristic “Popack blue” stripe can now be seen on all buildings, which have been repainted for the occasion. The total capital investment amounts to five million euros.

The company’s core business is packaging and goods handling for pharmaceutical and similarly sensitive products (e.g. cosmetics) for future sale, according to GMP guidelines. Popack Logistik GmbH has held the required manufacturing permit under Section 13 of the German Medicinal Products Act (AMG) since 2004. Space with a total volume of more than 5,000 cubic metres, with constant air humidity, is now available for the storage of products of this type.

The Lerchenberg-based logistics company took on 24 new employees at the start of this year, bringing the total to 50 permanent staff and over 20 temporary personnel. In peak periods, there can be up to 100 staff working for the company. Training has also been a key focus for the company since its establishment in 1999[examples], with more than 20 young people completing traineeships in the occupations of freight forwarding manager, office manager and storage logistics specialist over that time. In 2012, Popack Logistik GmbH received an award from the Rheinhessen Chamber of Industry and Trade (IHK) for “outstanding commitment to vocational training”. The company currently employs five full-time trainers.

Mainzer Allgemeine Zeitung (10 October 2015)

The construction of a 3,500-square-metre pharmaceutical logistics centre on the site of Popack Logistik GmbH has now been completed. A total of around five million euros was invested in the project during the construction period from October 2014 to September 2015.

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