Popack Logistik donates to "Treffpunkt Marienborn e.V"

This year, Popack Logistik GmbH made a donation of 1,000 euros to support the traditional St Nicholas procession in the Mainz district of Marienborn.

Managing Director Andreas Popall attended the handover of the 250 gift packages, which his company had helped sponsor: “I am delighted that the local community association’s campaign is so popular”, he said.

Christiane Gerhardt, chair of the association, and her more than a dozen helpers had filled the gift bags over the previous few days, and had helped “St Nicholas” cope with the onslaught of children on the Saturday evening. Ms Gerhardt pointed out that it was now the 34th time that the St Nicholas procession had been held, with the traditional distribution of Christmas packages afterwards. She thanked all the tradespeople in Marienborn who had supported her group’s voluntary work through their donations.

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