Working for Boehringer Ingelheim since 2005.
Our services: Temperature-controlled storage and transport of raw materials for the production of pharmaceuticals.


Working for ForumVita since 2000.
Our services: Storage, pick orders and shipment of raw materials for health products.


Working for Midas Pharma since 2004.
Our services: Storage, pick orders, transport and shipment of raw materials for pharmaceuticals.


Working for Monier since 2003.
Our services: Customization of accessory equipment for roofing contractors. Manufacturing of various skylight window models.

Working for P&G since 1999.
Our services: Prepare parts of P&G products (e.g. blend-a-dent, Kukident, Oral-B) for shipment. Check and prepare goods to obtain certification of export products to Saudi Arabia (SASO).

Working for Tea For Life since 2017.
Our services: Storage, customization, packing and shipment of various types of tea via online shop.